Embracing Sustainability:

Our Commitment to a Greener Tomorrow

At Aleph Rome Hotel, we believe that every small step toward sustainability makes a meaningful difference. As you prepare for your stay with us, we wanted to share our commitment to environmental responsibility and the initiatives we’ve undertaken to minimize our footprint and contribute to a healthier planet.

Proudly certified Green Key and 3 starfishes by Marevivo.

Here are some key highlights of our sustainability efforts:

Reducing Environmental Impact:

We’ve implemented energy-efficient lighting, water-saving systems, and waste reduction practices throughout our property to minimize resource consumption. Our Hotel is almost a plastic free Hotel.

Local Sourcing and Community Support:

Our commitment extends to supporting local farmers and artisans by sourcing fresh, seasonal produce and products for our dining outlets.

Waste Management and Recycling:

Recycling is a priority at Aleph Rome. We have dedicated programs to manage waste responsibly, from recycling paper, glass, and plastics to composting organic waste.

Green Initiatives:

Join us in our efforts! You’ll notice eco-friendly QR code with information regarding the change of bed linens and towels.

Educational Outreach:

We believe in the power of education. Our staff members are continuously trained on sustainability practices, and we actively engage with guests to raise awareness and encourage eco-conscious choices during their stay.

Your participation in our sustainability journey is greatly appreciated. We invite you to join us in our commitment to preserving the environment by embracing these initiatives during your time at Aleph Rome Hotel.